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Ever wonder how every movie star in Hollywood has perfectly straight and brilliantly white teeth?  The answer is Veneers. Veneers go over and bond to your natural teeth, and they can be customized to any shape and color you want.  That million-dollar smile can be yours and you don’t have to have a star on the walk of fame to afford it!
Ever wonder how the movie and TV stars of Hollywood all have perfectly straight and white teeth? The answer is Veneers.

We provide unsurpassable, traditional Veneer services to anyone looking to take advantage of this exceptional procedure, proven to deliver undeniably amazing results. This service offers a way to correct flaws in your teeth and to create a more symmetrical, more fluid-like smile you’ll be proud to show off to everyone you meet!

Traditional veneers are thin, tooth-colored shells specially-made to fit on and conform to the front of your teeth. These shells are generally made of either porcelain or a resin composite and are bonded to teeth to change their appearance. Veneers are designed to alter the shape, size and length of your teeth while improving their color and providing a natural, un-tampered look.

Veneers are often recommended to repair any cracks, gaps, misalignment and / or discoloration that currently exist on the surface of your teeth. Veneer application generally requires the removal of a small amount of enamel from the targeted area before attachment.

Our doctors and their team are well-versed and experienced in precision veneer treatments. We would love to talk with you about the benefits this amazing, life-changing procedure can have for your smile!

If you are eligible for free whitening, have any additional questions about the veneer application, or would like to schedule an appointment, contact us today!

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